Silver Lace

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    I have heard that this vine spreads underground and will pop up and invade other plants' space around it. If so, is there a way to contain it's roots other than having it in a pot? Will the black landscape edging that is about 4-6 inches deep stop it or will it go deep and around that?
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    I have a plastic PVC edging that is about a foot tall in the old scale. I am using that to contain roots for a number of plants including some Bamboo. My initial reason was to help with my watering as we are on restrictions but then I found it was good for growing all sorts of things such as bulbs, potatos, and some runaways. I just dig a hole and but it in a biggish circle fill it with good composty soil and plant and cover up just leaving a small lip showing. If your plant can burrow out under a foot high barrier I saw some pots for bulbs the otherday that could be sunk into the soil and had lots of drainage holes. Also made of PVC.

    According to this site it easily spread by rhizome

    silver lace vine, China fleece vine, Polygonum aubertii, Russian vine — twining perennial vine having racemes of fragrant greenish flowers; western China to Russia


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