Seattle Evergreen-Washelli Cemetery cherries

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    These cherries are in the Evergreen-Washelli Cemetery in Seattle. I have posted a photo of a great-looking Amanogawa in Evergreen-Washelli Cemetery in this forum under Amanogawa, and of some great-looking Shirofugens in the Shirofugen thread. Here are some other cherries in the cemetery.

    Here's one of two Serrulas - Paperbark cherry on the west side at the north end. It has its problems.
    20080426_SeattleWashelli_Serrula_Cutler_6834r.JPG 20080426_SeattleWashelli_Serrula_Cutler_6838r.JPG 20080426_SeattleWashelli_Serrula_Cutler_6835r.JPG 20080426_SeattleWashelli_Serrula_Cutler_6846r.JPG

    There are six Ukons (or something like Ukons) not far from the Serrulas. They're very much past their prime, and are behaving the way the Barclay St tree is doing in the Not-a-Ukon thread in the Cultivar IDs forum, with single white blossoms left on the tree and some green and pink in the aged blossoms.
    20080426_SeattleWashelli_NotaUkon_Cutler_6848r.JPG 20080426_SeattleWashelli_NotaUkon_Cutler_6856r.JPG 20080426_SeattleWashelli_NotaUkon_Cutler_6858r.JPG 20080426_SeattleWashelli_NotaUkon_Cutler_6863r.JPG 20080426_SeattleWashelli_NotaUkon_Cutler_6881r.JPG

    This is some sort of pendula grafted onto a Paperbark trunk, the sort of thing Ron B mentioned in a discussion about Paperbarks in the Arbutus Ridge neighbourhood thread in the VCBF forums.

    And here's a beauty I haven't seen before; I've posted more photos of it in the this forum to see if anyone can identify it. The stems are too short for it to be Shogetsu. It still has white blossoms on May 26.

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