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    I have a few that suffered from the heat, then the frost, and again from the heat and then pouring rain.

    Among those I keep in small pots, I thought I had lost a little princess, one of my 'Mapi no machi hime'.


    I put it in a place with the sun from 11 to 14. It seems it wants to live again :


    I'll have to trim, or prune it, and repot it, but it's alive.

    EDIT : Sorry, just went out to make sure my neighbour doesn't pound the youngsters that turned up his bin, just to make sure that no one was hurt. Stupid kids, and a former soldier that can't stand youngsters talking back at him, which I understand. We ended up shaking hands. Phew... Close shave. Stupid, tragical things can happen.

    Just for the fun :

    It's good to have some humour, taking a distance when a situation can get so bad as a fist fight and all the consequences :

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