Samanea Saman (Monkey Pod) - NOT!

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    Frustrated tree planter here.

    Last year, I ordered what were supposed to be Samanea Saman (monkey pod) trees. I planted the tree in a wonderful spot I had saved just for it!

    This year, as it has finally started to grow... It is almost assuredly not a real monkey pod but is in fact a regular Mimosa tree... Very frustrated, and the vendor is now out of business... (I wonder why!)

    I know the standard Mimosa only grows to 15-25 feet.. I want the real Samanea Saman / Monkeypod, which grows much larger. The goal was to have the tree cover most of the backyard...

    So, a few of questions...

    1) Anyone knows a good way to tell the difference? Just looking at the small # of photos I find online, I am pretty sure this one is NOT real Monkey Pod....

    2) Anyone knows a reputable source I could obtain a live Monkey Pod from? I am willing to pay for overnight shipping...

    3) Anyone knows the best time of year to transplant it to the ground and any care suggestions??

    a couple of photos attached...

    Thanks a lot to everyone...

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