Sagebrush look-a-like in bloom.

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    Plant is Ericameria nauseosa ssp. nauseosa var speciosa (I learned it under the synonym Chrysothamnus nauseosa ssp albicaulis) or Rubber Rabbit Brush. (At least I hope that's correct. I haven't done too well naming things lately.) The butterfly is a 'Varied Blue' Chalceria heteronea or at least I think that's the one. Not as familiar with butterflys as I am with other things.

    The plant has a woody base with gray green linear leaves to 7cm. The gray is due to a wooly tomentum. Size is about 8-10 dm, a low growing perennial, adapted to semi-arid regions and some varieties are even found at relatively high altitudes. The species ranges from British Columbia to Arizona and California. A great show of color in a grassy meadow.


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