Rose advice requested.

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    How best to help my yellow rose through the coming winter?

    In July, after having stood unoccupied for several months, a neighbor's house was sold. Outdoor areas as well as indoor extensively renovated/remodeled.
    These maneuvers included the summary removal of ALL plantings from the bed in front of the house---including a rose bush whose lovely yellow blossoms I had admired from across the street. The fellow in charge of denuding the bed said Heck, go ahead and take it! Just gonna be thrown away.

    The bush (which, as became clear, was 2) was a sorry sight. After enduring neglect followed by a prolonged heat wave and dry spell it was naught but a green stick with dead and crispy attachments.
    Nothing loath, I separated the two, potted each in its own pot, and administered the Hard Prune.

    Photo shows Bush 1 a month later. Its enthusiastic response was most gratifying!
    Bush 2 has since followed its example...but took weeks longer to do so. ? Same soil, same conditions, and, I am fairly sure, same variety of rose---go figure. Another Botanical Mystery.

    My questions are these:
    1. What type of rose is this? Clearly it likes its current treatment (semi-shady with periods of full sun---watered regularly and often)---but is there some additional type-specific action that would be advisable? Or am I creating an issue where there is none?

    2. What plan of action should I adopt to give it and its sibling a comfortable winter's nap?
    My idea is to wrap each pot in a big towel and move both into an unheated garage, remembering to water once in a while.

    Any comment, advice, or information will be welcome.
    Thanks in advance.
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    I don't know what variety rose you have as there are so many.

    However the growing conditions I can give you some advice. Roses like six to eight hours of sunlight daily but in hot climates it is best to protected from the hot afternoon sun. They also like rich, well-drained soil. If they responded that quickly from their neglect them they obviously do like their current conditions.

    As for winter care, if the roses have been outside I would either plant them in ground or (if you're not sure exactly where you want to put them yet) leave them in the pots but sink those in the ground - this way you can move come spring. They will go dormant for the winter and you will not have to worry about watering.

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