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Discussion in 'Plants: Conservation' started by Andrew_A, Jun 27, 2007.

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    Hello All-

    Very pleased to be a part of this new forum and many thanks to the UBC Botanical Garden and the moderators for implementing this. Looking forward to many interesting discussions in the future! I'd like to begin in similar fashion to Dawn in bring some resources produced by Evergreen to everyone's attention. Evergreen has developed a series of fact sheets on the top 10 horticulturally available invasive plants in the lower mainland, as part of our outreach initiative to garden centres, landscape professionals, enthusiasts and the general public. Each fact sheet contains information on the species and offers alternatives. Also available is our alternatives poster and our "stop the spread" brochure.

    All of these are available at:

    We welcome your comments and would love to hear feedback from the huge collective experience of the members of the discussion board.

    Cheers, Andrew
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    Hello Andrew ,
    I just visited the website you have mentioned.
    Very interesting and lots of good info to read and learn . I will be posting the site to my garden groups on-line.
    Thank you.

    Glad to see that the Native plant database is for all of Canada.


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    Hmmm... this thread was very interesting for me! I never tought that this plants, especially Daphe laureola or Iris pseudacorus could be invasive somewhere... but why not...
    Daphne laureola is a rare relict plant in Hungary, Iris pseudacorus is also a much loved native plant here! So an invasive plant is just: "a plant in the wrong place, at the wrong time"... :( Send them back to Hungary!!! :)))

    Of course, ivasive plants means a huge problem in Europe, in Hungary too. :( But here are these plants the most dangerous invasive species:

    -Asclepias syriaca
    -Robinia pseudoacacia
    -Soladigo canadensis, S. virga-aurea
    -Ailanthus altissima
    -Fraxinus americana, F. pennsylvanica
    -Amorpha fruticosa
    -Acer negundo
    -Prunus serotina
    -Iva xanthiifolia
    -Celtis occidentalis
    -Conyza canadensis
    -Ambrosia artemisiifolia
    -Phytolacca americana

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