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    I'm doing a research project and am having a lot of difficulty locating the reproduction info for certain plants and trees. I'm specifically looking for FLOWER CONDITIONS (complete or incomplete flowers, perfect or imperfect flowers, and the number of flower whorls if incomplete), as well as SPECIES CONDITION (monoecious or dioecious). Does anyone have any good resources they could recommend for finding this info?

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    What is the scope of the species you are looking at? I.e., are they a range of cultivated species from around the world or native species?

    For example, if it is restricted to wild plants of North America, something like the Flora of North America will have most of the information (if they've completed the species descriptions and not all species are done) though you might have to learn some new terminology to get there, e.g., Liriodendron in Flora of North America @ (complete, perfect, presumably 4 whorls, monoecious ... but you need to interpret that the sepals and petals are both tepaloid, that protogynous means "female" floral parts mature earlier than "male", and thereby assume synoecy (in the narrow sense), which can fit under a broad definition of monoecy).

    Do also note that a more refined understanding of plant reproductive morphology will reveal that the binary textbook definitions of "monoecious" or "dioecious" are not sufficient. See: Plant reproductive morphology - Wikipedia

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