Red Dragon vs Stella Rossa

Discussion in 'Maples' started by webwolf, Sep 15, 2005.

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    Does anyone has both maples to compare groth habits and discolouring? I have 3 Stella Rossa's (cultivar from Holland) which are slow growing but holding the red colour perfectly. Now the nurseries are full of Red Dragon (cultivar from New Zealand) and what I read they are also slow growing and holding the colour well.
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    Hi Wolf,

    I just acquired a small plant of Stella Rossa this year. while Red Dragon has been around for some time, we are now seeing Stella Rosa being pushed onto the market here in Oregon. I got mine from a grower that often trades wood to the Down Under and I suspect he got his from your area. This wood was also shipped down as liners to a nursery in California. So, the point is that Stella Rossa has not been seen around these parts much.

    Red Dragon is being pushed as a nursery standard maple here, but the name is being used to sell the tree at big box stores and outlets, but it is often the wrong maple. Therefore, as you have seen, when a tree is mass marketed dilution can occur and the anecdotal stories are not always correct.

    My young Stella Rosa did not hold up well. We had a Red Dragon planted at our last home and left it behind in a move a couple of months ago. It held its color very well and bronzed out only in the latest of summer days. What seems to be the case for both of these is that they are both slower growing dissectums. Not vigorous by any stretch. If you could find the right Red Dragon, I would go with that plant.

    While I can't think of red/purple maple that would be better for you off hand, I think you might do well with Orangeola? Have you tried that one. It is more of a red/orange/green blend, but I think it would do well in your climate.


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