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    Lytton BC (Fraser Canyon)
    We live in Lytton BC where the summers are very hot and windy.
    We are trying to plant trees throughout the village. Several times in the past small trees have been damaged so we may have to buy larger trees which of course are more expensive.
    I am hoping to get suggestions as to the best type of trees to olant. Any suggestions would be appreciated. A mid size tree is preferred and something that is wind and heat tolerant.
    thanks for your time. Doreen
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    Vancouver, BC
    Trees for Lytton

    Lytton's situation in a canyon poses extra problems for tree plantings because the heat and light are more intense due to reflection and dry winds are funneled through the canyon. Drying and scorching of leaves result. An excellent source of information is the book STREET TREE FACT SHEETS, published by Penn. State College of Ag. Sciences. Ed. by Gerhold, Lacasse, and Wandell.

    A few possible selections to consider are
    Gingko biloba 'PNI 2720', the Princton Sentry Gingko, (a fastigate form and fruitless);
    Gleditsia triacanthos 'Sunburst', the golden Honeylocust, (smaller form and requires bright light);
    Malus 'Centzam', the Centurion Crabapple, (excellent pink flowers and red fruit, disease resistant);
    Crataegus phaenopyrum, tree form, the Washington Hawthorn, (PNI 1661 is almost thornless, more upright, and relatively pest-free.)

    We hope these suggestions will be a help!
  3. ........ever think of a weeping willow tree ? it will last forever if took care of when its grown and makes a good shade to sit under

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