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  1. I have several raspberry canes which have produced well in the past years. This year it appears that they being infected with rust (small orange/rust colour spots) and it is spreading fast. I would like to treat it in the most organic manner possible. Any suggestions? I would appreciate your help.
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    Hi Nina:

    For a stem rust on berries, a lime sulfur spray or a calcium
    sulfate in solution will work just fine either as a dormant
    spray or when the plants have leafed out. If the plants have
    leafed out you will want to spray the entire plant including
    and especially the underside of the leaves. Even a sulfur
    dust can be helpful for you if you can find it. Lime sulfur
    is readily available at most any nursery supply store or
    perhaps a hardware store that carries gardening supplies.
    I use calcium sulfate every year for my home garden as
    an essential part of my dormant spray regimen for my
    amalgam of Fruit Trees that I have.


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