Query for Information of mushroom ecology

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    Does a long hot weather pattern prior to moist cool air, such as the heat wave being experienced by the west coast of BC, determine the yeild of mushrrom development?

    How much does the hot system, or what does the hot system provide for the mushroom?


    as always ; Itching for the season to break out!
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    From my experience, a long spell of hot, dry weather does nothing for mushroom development except delay it. For example, the local Boletus edulis won't start to appear until a couple of weeks after the fall rains start. If the rains are late and the weather has already gotten cold in the mountains, then they won't appear at all. If it rains early, they will appear early. The best year for B. edulis that I've experienced had lots of rain in late July, producing a bumper crop by mid August. That year Porcini came up in many places where I had never seen them before.

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