Queen palm mystery disease-Please help!

Discussion in 'Outdoor Tropicals' started by breakaway90210, Jul 23, 2006.

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    I recently bought a home that is less than a year old. when the house was built, the front and back yard was landscaped with 3 queen palms in the front, and 4 in the back. they are all about 12' feet tall. Since i moved in about 2 months ago, 2 of the palms nearest the house in the front have dropped some of their lower fronds and have developed some yellowing of the fronds, with some yellow spots in them. When i first noticed these, i gave them some palm food, and watered them well, but this still didnt help. Then, I noticed that one in the back yard seems to be looking wilty. I live in Central California and know that it cannot be Lethal Yellow, but I am worried that the palms may die. If you have any info at all, Id appreciate it sooo much! Thanks.

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