Pruning and maintaining Phalaenopsis Orchids

Discussion in 'Orchidaceae (orchids)' started by sainclara, Feb 28, 2008.

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    I am new to growing these beautiful plants! So I am trying to keep them at their optimum conditions for growing... I've kept it in its original plastic pot and mix, but I've drilled about 7 holes around the sides, and it also has holes at the bottom. I've put the pot in a shallow dish with a bed of rocks and some water (not touching the base of the plastic pot). I've also kept it at its indoor room temp of about 72-75F and it gets to about 68F in the night. I've kept it for three or four days, and my cat has plucked off 2 of the buds it orginally came with!! Since the buds were plucked off, and there was no other damage to the plant, is there anything I need to do to make sure more flowers come out? There is this little film over the original stem (where the bud fell off)...
    It's the end of the blooming season now isn't it? Should I add some fertilizers now? Or is it considered to be in the flowering season now... What should I do to enhance its growth?

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