Propogation of branch section dracena palm

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  1. I'm looking to remove several branches and a small piece about 3 foot section of branch on a dracena palm coroyline australis. The main trunck is about 10 inches in diameter and 30 feet high with multiple branches starting about 10 feet high. There is a 3 foot section of the plant (looks like a sucker located 2 feet from the base. Can I remove the sucker and plant? Will it grow?

    thanks, danny
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    Danny, good question. I know other Cordyline are grown from cuttings. I've sometimes seen small rootlets on the stems after removing the dead leaves and wondered if a cutting would root. Either way is seems you have nothing to lose. Old plants such as yours will produce viable seed.
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    From experience I can suggest you also seal your pruning cuts and allow it to dry a couple of days before planting. Strike in a very well drained soil. Cordyline australis seems to be a slightly trickier one to strke and will tend to rot if roots don't form quickly. Try get shoots coming from base with some roots attached for best results.
    If you do get seed, raise it in a warm spot away from direct sunlight and protect plants while small.

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