Propagating my houseplant Asparagus Plumosa

Discussion in 'Plant Propagation' started by prairiemystic, Jun 3, 2009.

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    I need help propagating my houseplant Asparagus Plumosa.
    It looks like it propagates by division and seed, although it has never flowered.

    Can someone help explaining "division"? It's super rooted in a pot and I read a guy just used a steak knife on the root ball (outdoor plant). What to divide or cut?

    Cuttings placed in water don't work so well, a tiny root appears then it dies.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    If you get seed most asparagus are easy to grow. The flowers are insignificant and the berries are usually hidden in the foliage. Seed ripens throughout the year. Fresh seed is best. Wait til seed is red or ripe depending on species, rub off outer coating, soak overnight in warm-hot water, drain, and plant inner seed in moistened seed raising mix just under the surface i.e about 5ml. Place pot into zip lock bag and place or hang min a shaded but well lit warm place to germinate. They can be very erratic and will germinate over many months so dont give up on them. Division is only possible if there is more than one growing eye, the brown pointy part. If you unpot the plant and can locate these separate "eyes" or "crowns" gently cut the root mass and separate these eyes up into individual plants and repot at the same depth as the original plant. The roots all radiate out from the eye like spokes on a wheel so that is an easy way to locate the central growing point,eye or crown, as it is known. As all asparagus are partially dormant do this at the start of spring. Good luck

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