Beeches: Propagate Cuttings of Historic Beech

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    To: All 'The Genus Fagus' viewers

    Any technical advice specific to propagation of Fagus sylvatica is very appreciated.

    Basic knowledge of rooting woody plant cuttings, and aware that may possibly be grafted specimen, which has specific protocol. Because working with ~120yo specimen tree that may not live to send new growth next Spring, and working with typical Conservancy budget (next to nothing) best resource right now is good advice!

    Estimate 20-40 viable cuttings must be taken this Wednesday 4/29/09 due to availability of tree service ladder equip. and fact that here in NJ (zone 6.5) it has been 90 degrees for 2 days, and tree will begin to leaf-out any minute.

    Full buds present on branches of remaining live limbs. Sorry, have several Arborists trying to ID exact cultivar - but no luck yet. Best guess is some form of pendula or tortuosa...but obviously not a cultivar developed after 1900 since predates that by at least 1 or 2 decades.

    Have greenhouse available for initial rooting, then would like to follow with field conditions for next 2 years. Photos posted on 'welcome' thread under The Genus Fagus (see TheNativeGarden posts) and I'll rsvp any add'l info necessary.

    Thanks -Deborah

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