Problems on my avocado

Discussion in 'HortForum' started by Snailhater, May 29, 2014.

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    My avocado tree looks like someone machine gunned the leaves with BB's. It is a good 25 feet high and not one bug in the entire tree. My hibiscuses are also riddled with tiny holes but I see no bugs anywhere. It is hard to imagine that slow moving snails can reach the leaves of my avocado in one night and disappear in the morning. I have found small snails, the cone type, in the soil around my hibiscuses. I gathered two entire public bags full of them. But the holes keep appearing on the new leaves. Man I am a really good snail grower, but not so good with my trees. However, by the avocado I do not see anything. Somebody help me!!
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    Snails and slugs usually make fairly large, irregular holes in leaves. Photos of the damage would be nice. Also, look for slime trails on the bottoms of the leaves. Flea beetles create the kind of effect that you see, but I doubt that they could do anything to tough avocado leaves.

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