Porcelain Berry Vine

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    There's a plant that has begun to grow behind my fence. I didn't know what it was until I checked the description and I'm quite sure it's a Porcelain Berry vine. I had the same problem last year and noticed that it grabbed hold of the trees that border the edge of our backyard. I cut the vine back and used salt, liquid soap and vinegar to try and kill it. Well it's back again. Is there anyway I can get rid of it? I can't pull it out since it's between fences, so what should I do? I would prefer natural methods to getting rid of this plant, but if that's not possible then what is the least toxic? Thanks!
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    Continuous pulling of new growth as soon as it appears will eventually weaken the root enough to kill it.

    Best stay away from salt, soap and vinegar. If you're going to use chemical control, better to get a systemic herbicide.

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