Plums with white flowers, green leaves

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    Mostly in Vancouver, the plums we see are ornamental Prunus cerasifera cultivars, particularly the purple-leaved ones. I also notice a few of these green-leaved Prunus cerasifera, either deliberately planted, or as rootstock for the ornamental cultivars. Here is one such, growing outside a retaining wall on Comox at Bute. This is the first time that I have noticed spines on what I know is a plum tree. You can just see the purple-leaved tree in the background at the top.
    Prunus-cerasifera_ComoxBute_Cutler_20190330_170416.jpg Prunus-cerasifera_ComoxBute_Cutler_20190330_170503.jpg Prunus-cerasifera_ComoxBute_Cutler_20190330_170657.jpg

    Two blocks away is what I assume to be a street tree planting of what I think is Prunus salicina. If it is not that, I would appreciate knowing what it is and what distinguishes it.
    Prunus-salicina_ComoxBroughton_Cutler_20190330_165140.jpg Prunus-salicina_ComoxBroughton_Cutler_20190330_165302.jpg Prunus-salicina_ComoxBroughton_Cutler_20190330_165311.jpg Prunus-salicina_ComoxBroughton_Cutler_20190330_165346.jpg Prunus-salicina_ComoxBroughton_Cutler_20190330_165405.jpg Prunus-salicina_ComoxBroughton_Cutler_20190330_165647.jpg

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