Platting Datura Metel?

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    Through fantastic lack of foresight and being better at germinating plants than I predicted, I have found myself with lots of different plants that all need potting on at about the same time... and don't really have the space (I will make it if needs be)

    I was wondering as a temporary pot space saving idea about whether it is ethical/would work to plat three Datura plants together, they have really purple stems and huge leaves when finished and I thought it might make quite a 'feature' plant to have them intertwined.

    I think that I have seen this done at garden centers but not with Datura but know nothing about it, I have lots of seedlings but the ones that I was are all about four inches have lost their cotyledons and seem very heathy... My questions are---

    1) Is it cruel? will they all struggle for nutrients?

    2) Will they kill each other?

    3) If no to 1) and 2) At what point should I try doing it?

    4) Is it easy to do!?

    5) Any good threads or sites about it?


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