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    Most of the online resources suggest I buy crowns and plant in deep soil. However, I haven't found any crowns for sale this time of the year and I am thinking about growing them from seeds in pots. The idea is, get the crown ready next year in the pot and transplant established crown to the ground by then. Have anyone done that before? I plan to keep the asparagus plant for no more than a year in the pot, probably move them next spring or summer. What pot size / soil / fertilizers should I use? I presume I shall put the plant indoors during winter, or not (does its child state require the cold period?)
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    The first years in the countryside we experienced a bit of everything, even to grow asparagus and my experience was positive even if it remained one!.
    Patience is needed, however, because the growth cycle is quite long.
    First of all, however, it is necessary to start from a well-draining soil of the sandy type.
    We have to sow pots in March and the seeds must be buried just below the surface, about 15 mm.
    Asparagus needs a lot of space and if grown in pot this must be capacious and you should always check that the soil does not drop level and if it happens it must be reinstated.
    The vase should be placed In a closed, sunny place, in direct contact with sunlight, well ventilated and far from excessive humidity.
    The time we tried we irrigated every 2-3 weeks and the seedlings appeared after a little over twenty days and we subsequently repotted them.
    At the time of harvest, for the first 2 years it is appropriate to leave some on the ground so that the roots have a way to grow and return more abundant crops in the following years.
    We stopped at the first experience but if we had continued we had advised us to enrich the subastrate after harvesting with formulations rich in nitrogen and potassium
    Of course the production was not enough to invite family and friends to offer a risotto with asparagus but the experiment went well.
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    I bought some pots of asparagus from GardenWorks at Mandeville in Burnaby 2 weeks ago. They had the Jersey Knight variety in pots of 6-8 plants for about $4 per pot. The plants look like they were started from seed early this year. I was looking for two-year old roots, but those were long gone by then. They might still have some of the potted asparagus left; give them a phone call if you're interested. By the way, I bought two-year old roots from them months earlier; but only about half of them sprouted, and only weakly.
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