Planting a garlic bulb

Discussion in 'Outdoor Gardening in the Pacific Northwest' started by dt-van, Nov 13, 2020.

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    I was given an elephant garlic bulb a few weeks ago, but haven't planted it yet. Is it too late?
    It's a nice solid round bulb about 1" in diameter, not subdivided into cloves. Could I plant it in a pot for the winter and transplant it in the spring when I know whether I'll be keeping my allotment plot? If so, how big a pot? How deep should I plant it. Should I sink the pot in the soil or keep it in a drier area?
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    It is not too late to plant Elephant Garlic or any other garlic directly into the ground. Any time between fall and early spring should work in our climate. There is no need to plant in a pot unless the final location is currently not available. Plant each clove separately with plenty of space between cloves; the plants are quite large compared to regular garlic. I plant mine 20 cm apart in rows spaced 30 cm apart.
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    I have a great source of garlic fr a special little farm in Okanagan — however - for small space gardeners, this video from our own PAC NW Victoria BC area might be of interest

    Indoor garlic? Have a look

    Well our pets might find it interesting for indoor grazing (and they’d end up being flea-free?)

    I do not know this YouTube person, and I do note some links to products in the video description but that’s commonplace these days.

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