Pest or nutrient deficiency?

Discussion in 'Garden Pest Management and Identification' started by Victor Hugo, Apr 27, 2006.

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    Mexico, Distrito Federal
    Well, this is one cypress on my garden of about 5 years. (Pine2.jpg)
    It´s exposed to 10 hours of sun light aprox.
    The soil is very damp (because the Mexico City was built over a lake)

    Since one year ago, the color of the foliage was a intense green but now it's almost gray.

    In the pics you can see the remaining intense green portions of foliage (Pine2.jpg) and a little cypress in a clear deformation process. (Pine1.jpg)

    It could be a fungal attack? or only a nutrimental deficiency? or maybe a natural change of color?

    Greetings from México City!

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    Surrey, England
    Best guess here ;) these are two different trees we are talking about correct?

    assuming they are two different trees......the first being the 5 year tree...the lush green fading to grey, could be either, its run out of the abundant fertilzer that it would have had in its container when you bought it, or its changing colour to an adult foliage colour (possibly even adapting to the high sun light exposure...grey would reflect more light)
    The smaller plant (refering to the bendy shape, personally i'd just straighten it with a bamboo cane)

    like i said thats my best guess.
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    Spidermites turn cypress, from green to grayish then orange, your pics seem to have the same colour as some cedars I was looking at today with a serious mite infestation. Shake some branches onto a white piece of paper and look for tiny tiny red mites, then see if you can smear them across the paper into little red blood streaks. Its an easy test. Jim

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