Pest, disease or sun scorch?

Discussion in 'Maples' started by Lisa Harry, Jun 9, 2021.

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    Hey Everyone

    So I recently got a few young JM from a nursery that’s very reputable. However I do have some concerns and am wondering if I’m over reacting ? I am asking because I don’t want to miss something I can get on top of as well my other JM don’t seem to have these appearances but they are more mature. Any input is greatly appreciated. Here are the concerns as follows:

    1. Hana Matoi -(top picture) I believe is infested with Cottony maple leaf scale - I have removed the leaves that had the white substance on them. Today I noticed on the branches there was what would look like a dark grey tiny slug type thing, I removed those from the bark using a Qtip and rubbing alcohol.

    2nd picture - Tsuma Gaki - appears in good condition to me but would probably prefer to be up potted from the nursery.

    3rd picture - Orange Dream - I believe is sun scorched but would like to confirm. (It was in full sun in the nursery)

    4th picture - Red Cloud, I believe is also sun stressed but I included a picture of the branch in case there is a greater concern I’m not seeing.

    5th picture - Moonrise, I am concerned it has some sort of disease or is it simply sun scorched? Again in full sun at the nursery

    6th picture - Omure-Yama, I am concerned it has some sort of disease or is it simply sun scorched?

    Thanks again I really appreciate everyone’s time and suggestions, I’m really enjoying these trees making my home an incredible sanctuary and the great encouragement and support from this forum.

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    There’s some sun scorch or wind burn but I don’t think you have anything to worry about.
    Keep in dappled shade protected from afternoon sun and wind and repot if root kind in spring when buds swell, likely February.
    Once they are more established you will find out which can take more sun and which need protection
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