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    The builder who built our rowhouses specified three ornamental pear trees in our front yards--although 5 fungus-susceptible large junipers are 15 feet away across the street. Now pear trellis rust is well underway, being passed between these two kinds of trees, and our year-old pear trees have dark-orange-spotted leaves with protruding tubes on the undersides. The junipers are on city property and each of the pears sits in the middle of a thriving perennial border: removal is not practicable in the first case and highly undesirable (indeed tragic) in the second.

    Is there an organic remedy for pear trellis rust, short of removing the affected trees?
    I know of chemical fungicides for junipers, but are there any for ornamental pear trees? (Can they be used near storm drains, park lawns, etc.?)
    Any other suggestions?

    Grateful for any advice!
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    Fungicides are not the long term answer. Depending on your city/ municipality, contact the city forester or arborist, aprise them of the situation and see if a solution (remove the junipers) can be reached. Start with the parks board and see who can get you the right name and number to contact.

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