Patrinia and daylily rust

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    I just found out about daylily rust -- fortunately not because my daylilies have come down with it. Unfortunately, I've found out after starting several Patrinia scabiosifolia from seed and planting them nearby my daylilies (just last year). I live in zone 5a-b, but we get fairly good snow cover so once the snow melted a few weeks ago you could see green daylily shoots, so there are leaves that seem to persist through the winter. I can't remember though if the shoots were there in late fall (I suspect not) -- i.e., did the shoots develop under the snow cover after all the leaves were killed back? Regardless, I don't think it would be wise to have the Patrinia planted nearby. The question I have is how far away it would be safe to plant the Patrinia from any daylilies. I have a fairly big yard, so I could segregate them if possible. Would several yards / meters be sufficient, or is anything within 100 yards / meters, say, too risky? Is it best to just get rid of the Patrinia?

    Thanks for any advice on the matter.

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