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    I have recently puchased some seeds online ( phoenix reclina/roebellenii/Canariensis, Caryota Maxima (himalaya)/ Mitis, Dypsis albofarinosa/cabadae, monkey pod rain tree, Ravenala madagascariensis, phillidendron selloum, Ficus altissima/religiosa/elastica, beaucarnia stricta and Adonidia merrillii.

    I have looked around on the net and have com tot he conclusion that they will all grow indoors and chose them becasue they germinate quickly. To my suprise 3 outta the 5 sprouted in 2 weeks but 2 look very differnt from the one. 2 of them look like young draceana dracos. The other one looks like stiff grass.

    I also purchased the himalayas at the same time in april and they still havnt sprouted or germinated.

    Next in may i got the monkey pod and the canariensis and reclina. the canariensis outta all 10 only 3 sprouted. the monkey pod and relcina havnt done nothing.

    In june i got the ficus and i got like 20 of the religiosa but the others did nothing.

    In july i orderd the dypsis albofarinosa cayrota mitis, revenara, and selloum . Only 2 outta possible 20 or more sprouted so far. the others havn done nothing.

    and finally in july i got the roebellenii, dypsis cabadea and merelli adn i have only planted one each of them and they have none nothing.

    any information you can give would be helpful!

    thank for reading all of this :S

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