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    Hello. I saw a little palm tree at my garden at Athens and I took it and replant it at my countryside house in a spot where it used to have grass. I removed all’s the roots of the grass and I put it there. But I noticed that it’s leaves started getting yellow. Afterwards I got another one from my house (a little bigger) and put it in the spot of the first one and I moved the first one somewhere else. And finally I found another one near my country house and I planted it too. The second palm tree (that I put at the spot that I used to have the first one) started getting a bit yellow too. The only one thriving is the third one. Any tips? The spot of the dry palm tree seems ok without roots (I removed them), good soil, almost all day sun and I water it frequently. I don’t know what to do (the strange thing is that the third “good” palm tree is placed at a spot without much sun but it doesn’t seem to have any problems)

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    @giannos154 good afternoon, as nobody has answered your query yet, I thought I would give my thoughts.
    First of all not all palms enjoy full sun. It is important to check the variety you have to establish if it is going to be happy in that position.
    Secondly you say that there was a lawn there before, now to me that can say that the ground is compacted and hence very poor drainage. Palms need good drainage and a good mulch around it to avoid drying out too much in the Summer. Now that might sound contradictory, but palms like a moist soil but not over watered and they definatly do not like their roots sat in water constantly. This will lead to root rot. Which leads me into point three.
    IMO that palm is dead and should be replaced with something that enjoys that position and soil type.
    My last point is that the healthy palm is enjoying the position it is in, so there is a lesson to be learned. The palms you have transplanted enjoy the shade !!! Never place a plant where in nature it would not thrive. It is a simple rule of thumb that works.

    I hope that has helped a little.
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    Hello @giannos154 .

    Palms are very delicate plants. They don't like their roots being manipulated. That is why when you have to transplant them, you must be very careful not to damage them.

    Sadly, two of your palm trees will no longer survive. They are very dry, and the growth guide is probably already dead. You can check this by taking the newest blade, and pulling it up gently.

    However, the one that is green will in all probability prosper. But keep in mind that it is a Washingtonia, and that although it supports the cold, moderate frosts hurt it. The best thing is that it does not drop below -4ºC.


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