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Discussion in 'Outdoor Tropicals' started by learning, Apr 9, 2008.

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    Hello all..

    Ok, I have been thinking of start a small palm tree farm, and I'm looking for thoughts on this.

    I want everyones pro's and con's......

    Oh here's a little more information.

    I'm thinking of buying an acre or so of land, having it cleared, put a fence up around it, have a well shot for irrigation, and start growing my trees.

    Ok.. let me hear it
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    It's a difficult way to make a living. If you're not already a member, check out the Central Florida Palm and Cycad Society and of course the south and central Florida market for plants is doing badly due to the collapse of new housing construction.

    Also, since you're a bit far north, bear in mind that growers in areas like Loxahatchee and Homestead have better winter weather.
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