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  1. I recently bought (rescued) an orchid at our local nursery which had been badly treated and probably dropped. The pot was broken and there was very little planting medium left in the pot. I have repotted it in a 6", clay orchid pot using store bought orchid medium.

    The problem is that I know very little about orchids and have not been able to find out to which species it belongs and therefore do not know how to properly care for it.

    The plant's leaves are about 5" long and are similar in consistency to that of a Phalaenopsis, but thinner and not as rounded. They are somewhat spikey in comparison. Looking at the plant, I believe it may be a spreading or trailing plant which grows low to the ground. The leaves grow out of what may (or may not) be described as pseudobulbs.

    The 2 1/2" flower is all yellow and looks similar to a yellow daffodil. It has a small reddish spot at the bottom of the center (protruding) petal of the bloom.

    Any assistance appreciated.
  2. I took a photo ... but I am not able to post it as the forum rules say I'm not allowed to but I see that others have done so. Can I e:mail the photo to you?

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    Sure, you can email it to me if you like. Or you can post a reply to your message, then use the "manage attachments" link below the message area to upload the file and post it.


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