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    These photos are from a fence in my back yard. I have Passiflora Vines growing on the trellis. For the last several years they have done poorly. The leaves yellow, then drop. Flowers bud, but rarely bloom fully, as they also drop. Each year I cut the plant back vigorously and clean out all dead leaves and flowers. I also grow Pyracantha in this west facing bed. I have never seen these 'globs' until this year. I checked the soil and none appear to be there. They were rather hard and dried-up until the rain of the last few days. Can anyone identify these and is this the cause of the problem with the Passiflora?
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    That other plant is Pyracantha, firethorn. The passion vines probably have a problem like drought or infertility. Or it's too damp in the spot they are in. Check soil conditions. The orange blobs wouldn't be the cause of it.

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