Oops! Rose cane pruning

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    Hello fellow gardeners,

    This is my first year of caring for roses that had been neglected, I think they are around 3-5 years old. Mostly it's been going ok, except this morning when reading my monthly guide, I misunderstood "pinch back basal shoots from within 6-12 inches from ground." I misunderstood what a basal shoot was, and wound up cutting 3 perfectly well formed canes from two bushes! Ack! Now each bush has 2 solid canes.

    What now? I fertilized and also applied Epsom salt today (which seems to have mixed support). Do I just leave it alone, keep watering until /actual/ pruning season and cut way back to promote new cane development?

    Pictures of the two plants attached.

    Thanks for any words of wisdom and encouragement.


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