Ontario or Quebec lemons

Discussion in 'Citrus' started by Liam Bowman, Aug 17, 2020.

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    Ottawa ON
    I live in eastern Ontario and I am looking to see if anyone knows if I can buy lemons grown in Ontario or Quebec? I can find tons of places selling the trees but I am looking to buy the fruit specifically. I appreciate that this is a bit of an odd request but it is a specification in the rules where I am hoping to use them that they be grown in at least Ontario or Quebec if not closer to Ottawa proper.

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    Vancouver BC Canada
    It may be a difficult order to fill. It's too cold to grow citrus outdoors there and it's unlikely to be grown indoors in large quantities because of the cost of heating.
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    You can in containers. The containers will have to go inside your garage, in a cool place that doesn't go below freezing, over the winter, until temperatures warm up enough to bring them outside.
    It is possible to get some lemon fruits this way, but is obviously more challenging. You will likely need to go with larger containers to have enough root space, and possibly put them on rollers to make moving them in and out easier. They won't be able to grow when the temperature goes down below 14 C or so, so light will not do much good.

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