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    I wanted to share a great collection of photos and information on maple species.

    Future Plants by Randy Stewart: January 2014

    The robust collection of photos are taken of individual specimen from a variety of arboretum around N. America and organized by species. This is in a blog format by Randy Stewart. Called Future Plants by Randy Stewart. The blog post is Old World Maples 1/7/2014. Note, this does not cover Acer palmatum, but does cove a vast number of other species including other species from Asia and Japan. The focus is not on any given region, but instead the diversity of Acer species and cultivars from around the world.

    More information about the author:
    Randy Stewart
    "Horticulturalist / Landscape Designer with degree from St. Clair College of Applied Arts and Technology - Windsor Ontario plus 15 years horticultural / design experience plus 5 years nursery sales experience. I currently reside in Columbia, Maryland. Specializing in landscape design looking to move into research and development of new landscape plants, reintroduction of rare and endangered plants into the landscape trade and promoting conservation of existing wild populations."
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