October 19, 2012 - teeny white flowers we've been waiting for

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    I'm going to make Nadia so sorry she decided to stay home today. The Neolitsea sericea are in bloom. At least these on Soulei trail are. I just saw one open flower cluster on the one closer in on Lower Asian Way. Everything I photographed on Neolitsea today seems to be male flowers. I'll have to pay more attention next week to what flowers are on which trees. I have no idea if female trees bloom at the same time or if there are any female trees here.
    20121019_UBCBG_NeolitseaSericea_Cutler_P1340677ps.jpg 20121019_UBCBG_NeolitseaSericea_Cutler_P1340661ps.jpg 20121019_UBCBG_NeolitseaSericea_Cutler_P1340655ps.jpg

    AND, the Schefflera delavayi flowers are also open. The leaves are huge - that ruler is 18cm and there were leaves large than the one shown.
    20121019_UBCBG_ScheffleraDelavayi_Cutler_P1340697.jpg 20121019_UBCBG_ScheffleraDelavayi_Cutler_P1340709.jpg
    20121019_UBCBG_ScheffleraDelavayi_Cutler_P1340713ps.jpg 20121019_UBCBG_ScheffleraDelavayi_Cutler_P1340719.jpg 20121019_UBCBG_ScheffleraDelavayi_Cutler_P1340720.jpg

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