British Columbia: Oct 15th 06 Fall Swap, items available

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    New this year, we're going to try making a separate thread with items available. Thanks to the edit function, we can update our lists and note what is already claimed. Here is a beginning list of the items I will have available to trade. All are outdoor plants.

    Hosta nigrescens - a vigorous, tall, upright grey-green hosta with somewhat cupped leaves, best in shade

    Hosta Royal Standard - upright-arching green leaves, fragrant white flowers, also vigorous; likes quite a lot of sun

    I have dozens of other hostas of which I could take divisions if you need a hosta for certain conditions or of a certain type.

    Hydrangea ... Nigra - a mophead type of hydrangea that blooms pink for me, distinguished by black stems on current season's growth

    Carex plantaginea - a grass that looks like a narrow-leaved hosta

    Carex grayi - plain green grass to about a foot high, very cool mace-like seed heads.

    Rohdea japonica - evergreen perennial a bit like a hosta - anyone notice a theme emerging here?

    Fern: Polystichum setiferum 'Rotundatum Cristatum' - spreading, forked fronds (12-18" long) that have a somewhat congested look. Tolerates dry conditions once established

    Again, many other ferns available if interested.

    Hypericum androsaemum 'Albury Purple' - probably a seedling of the original plant, but seeds true.

    2-year seedlings of Cydonia (fruiting quince), fruits unpalatable the point of being inedible unless baked or cooked, but best made into jelly (very high in pectin).

    I'm hoping to get a tree called a Parrotia some day - don't suppose anyone has seeds?
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  2. bcgift52

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    BC, Canada
    Re: Oct 15th Fall Swap, items available

    Well, here's my tentative list:

    Malva moschata Pink (Musk Mallow)
    Laburnum alpinum (Scotch or Alpine Golden Chain Tree)
    Chimonanthus praecox (Wintersweet)
    Ligularia siberica
    Rue variegata
    Metasequoia glyptostrophoides (Dawn Redwood)
    Punica granatum nana (miniature Pomegranite)
    Mandevilla laxa
    Lonicera fragrantissima (Winter Honeysuckle)
    Zizyphus jujube
    Syneilesis aconitifolia
    Gypsophila oldhamiana
    Luzula sylvatica 'Starmaker' (Greater Woodrush)
    Bupleureum longifolium
    Asarina procumbens (Trailing/climbing Snapdragon)
    Bellamcanda sinensis (Blackberry Lily)
    Baptisia australis (Blue False Indigo)
    Corydalis elata
    Hosta Honeybells
    Hosta Summer Fragrance
    Hosta Lemon Lime
    Hosta Albo marginata
    Hosta Undulata medio variegata
    Lilium lancifolium flore plena, this year's stem bulbils (species double Tiger Lily)
    Lilium Asiatic Kiss Me Kate
    Sophora davidii
    Sesleria heufleriana (Blue Green Moor grass)
    Clematis viticella
    Clematis flammula
    Hibiscus sinensis (not hardy) - I have 3 different ones, 2 years old, living through benign neglect.
    Acnistus australis (blue)

    Also have half a dozen different miniature hosta which I'd like to trade for other miniature plants.

    Looking for as always, fragrance (the pleasant kind). Lilac pallibiniana, Lilac meyeri Palibin, Solidaster Luteus or Lemore, Solidago 'Crown of Rays' - bought this.
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  3. Gardenfever

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    Port Moody
    Re: Oct 15th Fall Swap, items available

    Hello Gardening friends!

    Here's my little list for now:

    Golden Oregano
    Coral Dawn, Climbing rose currently at about 5 ft tall
    Dr Huey (2), climbing rose - used as rootstock quite often - once bloomer currently about 6 ft tall
    Harison's Yellow - black-spots a lot if not sprayed, but if you're a sprayer HY is a collector's rose - stunning cupped sulphur yellow blooms in the spring.
    another once blooming unknown rose - small
    Purple Sage
    ajuga, bronze beauty and chocolate chip
    english violets
    soloman's seal
    phlox paniculata, white
    euonymous that I think is wintercreeper - tag is somewhere . . .
    columbine/aquilegia - self-seeded.
    foxgloves - self-seeded
    hardy geraniums (pink) - self-seeded.
    Perovskia 'Blue spire'
    artemisia - 'silver mound', 'silver queen'
    mini-roses - dark red
    purple/lavender asters - one variety is 5 ft tall the other is about 2 ft tall.
    jasminum stephanense - a 3 year old specimen. Would like to trade for another climber.

    10/06 updates: Iris germanica 'Babbling Brook', Iris germanica "Superstition', Iris germanica 'Skyhooks', Canna lily 'King Humbert', dicentra formosa (native bleeding hearts), Alchemila mollis (Lady's mantle), bergenia cordifolia, talinum paniculatum, pulmonaria 'sissinghurst white'.

    Garlic: have: Elephant, Yugoslavian softneck, Yugoslavian hardneck, Susan Delafield
    want: purple skinned, prefer hardneck, looking for 'music'

    Indoor stuff: Aloe vera,
    banana plant I'm not sure if it's hardy as I've been bringing it indoors in the winter - it now has pups that I can remove if someone expresses interest otherwise I won't make time for it.

    I also have about 100 roses I can take cuttings from please let me know if you're interested and I can send a spreadsheet. Probably have a few gallica suckers as well.

    I'll probably sow some seeds this weekend. Some biennials and perennials probably; I'll update as they pop their little heads up.

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  4. Helen Leung

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    Re: Oct 15th Fall Swap, items available

    This is mine for now:

    Climbing hydragena (it has never bloom for me)
    Rosa 'buff beauty'
    various hostas
    soloman seal
    white phlox
    red classic dahlias (does anyone know when I'm supposed to cut them down?)
    lady's mantle
    tri-color sage cuttings
    bay leaf cuttings
    various hostas

    Looking for garlic and acorn squash seeds

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  5. CourtYard Gardener

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    Re: Oct 15th Fall Swap, items available

    AVAILABLE Rooted Cuttings:
    -Purple Smoke Bush
    -Green leaved Euryops (Golden Shrub Daisy)
    -Cedar tree seedlings.

    AVAILABLE Plants & Divisions:
    -Lacecap hydrangea (white)
    -Snow on the Mountain (Aegopodium podagraria 'Variegatum') look like Queen Anne's Lace
    -Ageratum (Floss Flower)
    -Periwinkle (great groundcover for shade).

    AVAILABLE Seeds:
    -Red Salvia
    -Ornamental Cabbage (for fall/winter color)...probably too late to plant seeds now but you could save them for planting next August....OR...I could provide cuttings of little babies that the mother plant produces, which will grow now.

    WANTED - variety of hostas (especially variegated), Pulmonaria, interesting ferns and other shade loving plants.
    WANTED - FLORIST FAVORITES (good for cut floral arrangements) such as Alstromeria, Salal, Nigella, Scabiosa, Candytuft, Speedwell, 'Altropurpurea' Snakeroot, lilies, Liatris, Lady's Mantle, Foxtail Lily, Eucalyptus (various kinds), etc.
    WANTED - Goatsbeard, Painted Daisy (Pyrethrum Daisy), Snow-in-Summer, yellow Daylily ('Stella de Oro' or 'Hyperion'),
    WANTED-Vines: Hops, Kiwiberry.
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  6. Vincent

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    Mission, CANADA
    Re: Oct 15th Fall Swap, items available

    So far my list includes mostly seeds I am in the process of harvesting or have harvested, may add more later:
    pink morning glory vine
    acanthus(bear's breeches) seeds
    helianthus(pernennial sunflower)
    helenium, 2 or 3 types
    lavatera(white perennial)
    shasta daisy(tall large flower)
    Dahlias, although not dividing until Novemeber so post swap trade or next Spring:
    winkie col.
    show n tell
    rothsay reveler
    HY clown
    Edna C
    Also various lavender colored.
    Some I have on order for any dahlia fans info.:
    midnight sun
    Clydes Choice
    Elsie Huston
    Lulu Patti

    cuttings from:
    calicarpa(beauty berry)
    some unspecified rooted rose cuttings of rose (either Q.E., wenlock or Pink Peace)
    rosa rugosa/wild rose
    japanese anemone(long stemmed grape leaf)

    I am interested in calla, allium, fancy mint?, groundcover/thyme, heather, vines, canterbury bells campanula.

    I may not be at the weekend event but willing to drop off to Cecilia trades, as I work next to Metrotown and might not be commuting that weekend.
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  7. dahliadaze

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    Re: Oct 15th Fall Swap, items available

    Sorry, I don't know the fancy Latin names of everything, so here goes:

    2 Oleander (the "flowers" never bloomed, but look like buds)
    1 Hibiscus (hardy, purple)
    Lemon Bee Balm
    Lamb's Ear (who gave me that? it's really taken off!)
    Pot Marigold

    And you can point at anything else in my garden and we can talk about it...
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  8. tiger_lily

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    Burnaby, BC
    Re: Oct 15th Fall Swap, items available

    I look forward to joining you all... Most of my plants are originally from this trade group, so I'll try to look around the garden for something new to trade, otherwise I have:

    HAVE - NEED TO FIND HOMES FOR seedlings/divisions of: [] indicates how many I've dug up so far - let me know which ones are of interest, I'll make sure I dig some & set aside.
    - carex pendula [20!!]
    - astrantia major (masterwort - whitish flower) [1 pot of 3 plants]
    - purple asters, blooming now [2]
    - those crazy strawberries that run & trail down my walls, they finally had flowers this year but no sign of berries - anyone would like it as a groundcover/trailing plant?
    - crocosmia (the orange one) [3 sets of 5 bulbs]
    - osteospermum (purple "Symphony" I believe) - like a friendship cake, this one spreads beautifully, anyone not have it yet?
    - butterfly bushes (rooted cuttings from this spring, they are 12" high now and already bloomed this summer, will be MASSIVE next year) - this one is either the standard (wild) purple one, or very similar colour - visitors often mistake it for a lilac, and the butterflies and hummingbirds love it! [2]
    - euphorbia myrsinites [2]
    - japanese anemone - light purple
    - virginia creeper [3 cuttings with roots]
    - digitalis (foxglove - seedlings of white flowered one) [1 pot of 5 seedlings]

    - mini irises - purple
    - 2 rooted cuttings of Physocarpus Diablo (nice black shrub)
    - climbing hydrangea (rooted cutting) [1]
    - tarragon (believe it is French tarragon, Artemisia dracunculus) [2]

    I'll need to walk about the garden, to see what else... Please let me know (in the other thread, I suppose), if any are of interest, so I can be sure to pot some up & put your name on it. I don't need a trade in return, I have been very blessed by this group, and happy to share what I can.

    I'll be on the lookout for...

    WANTED perennials:
    - more bright daisy-like flowers (all sorts of colours) which form a good clump
    - plants for a shady/wet area
    - osteospermum (other colours than my purple "Symphony")
    - white coneflower / echinacea
    - more sedum spectabile (I think I have "Autumn Joy" & "Brilliant" - love these!)
    - more tall euphorbia

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  9. Candy

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    Burnaby, B.C. Zone 7ish
    Re: Oct 15th Fall Swap, items available

    I have:
    -double dianthus (pinks) 24" tall. Pink, white, red
    -carnation 24" tall. Red.
    -bellflower (large clump). Pale blue & white
    -rudbeckia. Black-eyed susan
    -Japanese anemone - pink
    -fall aster. Mauve
    -Sedum autumn joy
    -Lady's mantle
    -Shasta daisy
    -Vinca major/Greater periwinkle (much faster spreader than vinca minor)
    -Egyptian onion

    My sister, Robin (newbie) is joining us. She has
    -snow in summer

    Looking for:
    -under 12" tall flowering plants for fill. Early summer bloomers, not blue or purple
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  10. Aussiebob

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    Vancouver BC Canada
    Re: Oct 15th Fall Swap, items available

    I have some seeds.....
    Snow Gum (Eucalyptus pauciflora),
    Mountain Ash (Eucalyptus regnans),
    Astelia chathamica,
    Silk Oak (Grevilia robusta)
    and for the real adventurous
    Weeping Fig (Ficus benjamina).

    And I'm looking for seeds/seedlings for King William Pine (Athrotaxis selaginoides) and also a Pacific Yew.


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