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    elphinstone rainforest
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    Heart Gardens Education
    Media Platform

    From the Elphinstone Rainforest, just north of Vancouver, is the Heart Gardens. Here is a new template for all ages permacultured eco-education. I am happy to announce the emergence of


    You will require the new version of flash to interact with this website. This is freely and easily acquirable on the web and if you do not have it already, the link will automatically appear on your browser to get it. Once you have it, the website will just open and work without you having to open any programs or files.

    The main feature is the SITEMAP, an exploration of the 32 gardens and over 200 plants in this living classroom. This has been a year in the works, and now you can see pictures of the different gardens in all the four seasons experiencing the plants in their different seasonal growth patterns.

    With a physical location people and classes can visit themselves, the web platform provides all ages school curriculums helping to teach about permaculture, native plants, bioregional ecology, organic gardening and sustainable development.

    This is the starting point for the development of online correspondence courses which include flashed online exercises, video clips, audio streams, slideshows, activities and reading material that people can engage on their own schedule while focussing applied activities toward their own homes and landbase. The first of these is to be a Permaculture Design Certification Course.

    We are seeking support grants to develop this permacultured eco-education platform into an all ages education, correspondence learning site inspired by the classes, courses and tours that take place in the Heart Gardens in downtown Roberts Creek. Let us know if you are aware of any grants, support possibilities, donors or independent funders that might help us to develop both the gardens, the educational elements and the web platform.

    permaculture design team

    content development : delvin www.gaiacraft.com
    flash web design : silverbirch www.starseeddesign.ca
    flash hugel class : simon www.symbiosonic.com
    plant vectors : sijay www.onbeyondmetamedia.com
    plant pictures : poxin www.poxin.org

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