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    Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
    Hello All,

    We are Claudette and Bill, we live in Sudbury, Ontario.

    We've been gardening in a serious way for 7 years now. It all started one day when I (Bill-the retired Matelot) decided I would make a small flower bed for my wife (Claudette-she who is still gainfully employed)

    I started cutting up my lawn for this little patch and when I was done ... well, we're not quite there yet. All of the grass that made up the lawn on all four sides of our property has been removed and replaced with Manitoulin Island limestone slabs. I have not mowed a lawn in 5 years! Snow removal on the other hand is another story. (Have a gander at the attached thumbnail ... that's just the start of winter!)

    I look forward to exchanging ideas and stories with other argriphiles.


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    Hello DDH265 (Claudette and Bill), welcome to the forums. From what I read in the paper this morning, your house may still look a lot like the photo you posted of your home in early winter. Well spring will burst forth soon and you will be busy in the garden once again.

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