Nikko Hydrangea needs help!!!

Discussion in 'Woody Plants' started by Renee, Jul 31, 2008.

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    I have a nikko blue hydrangea bush that is about 7- 10 years old and would get about 5-6ft tall and 5 ft wide. but never bloomed (maybe one bloom, one year) so I moved it this past spring. Well, the most bizarre thing has happened. It definitely bloomed lots of blooms this summer on the old 5ft stalks but that's it... the leaves never caught up to the bush. Ususally as the bush grows the leaves get taller and taller then the bush starts to bloom... but not mine. It is so weird looking. You just see all these tall sticks with blooms on them and the leaves at the base have only grown to about a foot and an half to two feet now. Did I stunt it's growth by moving it? I moved it early spring which is usually the time to move things here in Massachusetts. Do you think my bush will grow normal next year? Is there anything I should be doing now? I would appreciate any help.
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    Maybe the winters there are usually too cold for the flower buds to overwinter successfully. The more recent behavior it could be assumed is transplanting shock, with normal leafing returning after the cut roots are replaced by the shrub.

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