New tree to replace old pine

Discussion in 'Garden Design and Plant Suggestions' started by PollyStyrene, Aug 28, 2018.

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    I am 6b, and the site is south facing with a fair bit of direct sun. 63 feet wide. There is a thriving linden, at least 80 feet tall on one side of the garden ... quite a big wingspan. On the other side WAS an 80 ft pine (not sure what kind). It got blown down in a windstorm and looking to replace it.

    Because the linden is so dominant, thinking the slimmer profile of a pine might indeed be the best offset/choice ... but wondering if anyone has any other thoughts. Was evilly looking at a monkey puzzle tree but know that would die over the winter. Magnolia? Tulip tree? Too fat? Birch? Another pine? Thanks for any ideas.

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