New Lapins Cherry Tree Struggling

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    Hi I've had a lapins cherry tree for about a month and noticed it is getting holes in its leaves and some are starting to yellow. I also see some black spots as well but cant tell yet if those are leading to holes or not.

    I cant tell if this is one problem or multiple. It is potted in a very large pot with good drainage.

    It looked perfectly normal when I purchased. Am including some pictures. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    I think, your cherry has a post repotting stress. There seem to be nothing serious, just a small number of yellowing leaves. Potting a tree in June is probably even in California more stressful for the plant than if potting in spring or in autumn. Stressed plant may be more susceptible for pest and fungi, hence those holes and spots on the leaves.
    If you have had a rainy period and you suspect damage from Blumeriella jaapii, then remove fallen leaves and compost or burn those. Keep the tree in a well ventilated place, so that it's leaves can dry quickly after rains.
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