New grafted citrus plants, singles and combinations

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    Happy to announce we have new grafted citrus plants ready to sell. These are made from our extensive private collection of 59 different citrus varieties we are currently growing in our little hobby farm in North Saanich on Vancouver Island. We have both single and combination grafted plants available for sale now.

    I have been experimenting with combination plants for a few years as a means of backuping up all the types of citrus in my collection and the combination plants have been working out very well, prolifically producing different kinds of citrus fruit on one plant. We have now created some to sell and they are ready!

    The combinations have multiple different citrus varieties grafted onto one plant and allow you to grow and harvest several different kinds of citrus fruit from different branches on the same plant. For example, harvest Pomelos and Limequats from one plant! Or Moro blood oranges and Fukushu kumquats ... or three different kinds of kumquats. Many single and combination grafted plants are available.

    Citrus combination plants grow well together and produce a variety of fruit. Great when space is at a premium or you want to grow your citrus collection with multiple varieties at once.

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