need help with my hoya plant

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    I think your comments are all correct, what raises confusion on the issue is whether or not youre on a warm or a cold climate. The firsy time i got my hoya i started reading articles about it saying they need direct sunlight and not much water some say not much sunlight and water more. I Followed the firat instructions but didnt work, then i follwed the second and still didnt work which is frustrating and out of 20 plants only 1 survive. Making an understanding of the surviving plant I found out that it liked water alot and not direct sunlight. I realized that the article i read is on the cold region of the planet. I am from the philippines thats why the condition of direct sunlight and less watrr will not work on my hoya and that happened during the summer. I guess you have to understand the condition on your area and find out what suits your hoya. If your from a humid and quite cold area you should indeed water less and a direct sunlight will be applicable. It is not the sunlight that will kill your hoya but the heat which will dry out and somewhat cook out your plant. That is what happend to mine. Leaving the water moist suited my hoya and only morning sun which sets a right warm for my hoya. Now that my plant is well rooted, i do leave the water moist and from time to time mist the leaves and stem. If it starts raining i actually put them in an open area which they like best but i dont think will work on humid places for the hoya will get soaked. Anyway i hope you find insights in my experience. Last thing for me.tonsaybis younneed to have "plant feel" it is a way of understanding yout plants so that yoi can make rhe necessary adjusments. Godbless

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