Natural propagation in 'Multiplying Acres' South Africa

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    There is an educational aspect within botanical gardens. Very often this is forgotten for nowadays visitors to botanical gardens want to be entertained in coffee- and craftshops plus restaurants and popconcerts. Indeed botanical gardens have to source income. We (Soekershof; just google) represent and own a small (10 hectare) private botanical garden and we do it different and that can be both: entertaining and educational. Within the nursery activities we just created new acres with a natural lay out. These we name 'Multiplying Acres' and except that it generates income we show visitors how to propagate plants or, preferable, how plants propagate themselves via spreading seeds, rootstock and layering.
    The first respons is very encouraging despite the fact that we planted the motherplants only last week and natural propagation still have to come off the ground.

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