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Discussion in 'Conversations Forum' started by aahhaa, Feb 16, 2009.

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    I was reminded in another thread of the classic Whole Earth Catalog; it was more than a mere catalog, it was a way of life!:] (The $50 surplus Jeep, the house made from old newspapers, chicken & worm farms, hydroponics for dummies, the 1st DIY wind turbines, etc...)

    There are still some catalogs out there that are, in their own way, more than just commercial ventures, and true works of art; the McMurray Chicken Hatchery for one, and also those heirloom seed people SeedSavers.

    got recommendations?
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    For me, the Lee Valley Master Catalog and the Lee Valley Special Gardening Catalog are both must-haves - Lee Valley often reproduces vintage or historical tools, hardware, gardening books, etc etc. They're what a carpenter friend once referred to as "Tool Porn." Plus they're just beautiful.

    I'd also consider a good seed catalog, like SeedSavers or Vesey's of McFayden's to be pretty indespensable as well. SeedSavers are the most artistically beautiful as far as I'm concerned.

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