Mushrooms the animals don't eat

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    Hey folks,

    We were talking in the other thread about eating what the animals eat (or not). Here :

    What about the mushrooms that animals don't eat, and we do? Even the flies won't eat Cantharellus formosus or subalbidus. Or those that they eat just a little of before moving on? Like Shaggy parasols. If you look at the nutritional stats, you'd think these were really good foods. What do you think that's about ?
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    Good questions! I'd really like to know what sets Chanterelles apart this way.

    There was a paper recently - someone studying the odorific chemicals produced by T. magnivelare or matsutake. I recall they found one compound designed to attract and one designed to repel. The paper speculated on what critters these scents were aimed at ... I'll see if I can find that article to be more specific.

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