May 16, 2013 - Decorative leaves

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    Last week I was taken with new Arbutus menziesii leaves that I thought gave the impression of flowers. That seemed to be a recurring theme yesterday, starting right at the boardwalk with the new leaves of Cephalotaxus harringtonia.
    20130516_UBCBG_CephalotaxusHarringtonia_Cutler_P1460308.jpg 20130516_UBCBG_CephalotaxusHarringtonia_Cutler_P1460310.jpg

    Here's Callistemon pallidus, whose new leaves are so soft. I'm having trouble resisting the urge to say they're cute (but I see in a news item in the local paper that that's just a word that women use to describe things we like).
    20130516_UBCBG_CallistemonPallidus_Cutler_P1460596.JPG 20130516_UBCBG_CallistemonPallidus_Cutler_P1460597.JPG 20130516_UBCBG_CallistemonPallidus_Cutler_P1460605.jpg

    Lithocarpus cleistocarpus, with a photo showing the leaves filling out. The new leaves weren't showy like on the other plants, but they did give the impression of being flowers.
    20130516_UBCBG_LithocarpusCleistocarpus_Cutler_P1460372.jpg 20130516_UBCBG_LithocarpusCleistocarpus_Cutler_P1460377.jpg 20130516_UBCBG_LithocarpusCleistocarpus_Cutler_P1460368.jpg

    and Lithocarpus densiflorus.
    20130516_UBCBG_LIthocarpusDensiflorus_Cutler_P1460524.jpg 20130516_UBCBG_LIthocarpusDensiflorus_Cutler_P1460528.JPG

    The Quercus velutina looked like it was covered in flowers because the leaves were so brightly coloured.
    20130516_UBCBG_QuercusVelutina_Cutler_P1460672.jpg 20130516_UBCBG_QuercusVelutina_Cutler_P1460674.jpg

    The new leaves and leaf buds of the Rhododendron kesangiae make the plant just as interesting without the flowers.
    20130516_UBCBG_RhododendronKesangiae_Cutler_P1460472.jpg 20130516_UBCBG_RhododendronKesangiae_Cutler_P1460473.jpg
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    New(?) combination Notholithocarpus densiflorus was put forward awhile back, do not know current level of acceptance.
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    Yep, Tanoak is now Notholithocarpus densiflorus; genetic data showed it is more closely related to Quercus and Castanea than to the Asian species of Lithocarpus.

    The relevant publication is Manos, Cannon & Oh, 2008. Phylogenetic relationships and taxonomic status of the paleoendemic Fagaceae of western North America: recognition of a new genus, Notholithocarpus. Madroño 55 (3): 181-190.

    Click for a copy:

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