Identification: Maple bought as Acer palmatum 'Sherwood Flame'

Discussion in 'Maples' started by dewy22, May 19, 2010.

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    Here is a few pictures of my Sherwood Flame. Just got this recently and it is still in pot. Planning to plant it in the ground next year. Pictures were taken in early spring.

    I got it from OSH in California. I asked the nursery worker there when I brought it if it is a Fireglow, but she said it is a Sherwood Flame. I browsed online and found some pictures labeled as Sherwood Flame that looks like mine and some that looks like what Gemero just posted. Can someone clarify it?

    This is what I come across. Mine looks like the one being sold by Maple Ridge Nursery. I am not sure why everyone is having a different looking one from mine. So, anyone know what kind of JM I have? Thanks.

    From Iseli Nursery;

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    Re: Acer palmatum 'Sherwood Flame'

    Dewy, not sure which one it is, there are quite a few similar types. I will copy your messages to an I.D. thread in the main forum and move your photo's there too, might get a better response.

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