Magnolia Stellata

Discussion in 'Magnoliaceae' started by SN in Portland OR, Apr 12, 2009.

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    I have a Magnolia Stellata (trained as a tree) in my very small backyard. It is about 12feet tall and 8-10 feet across. It has grown over the only path to the garage so that I must walk off the path to get around it. It is too big and messy for my small space. I have read from other threads that this particular species does not respond well to vigorous pruning. I love this tree but feel the only choices I have is to live with the beauty and mess or distroy it. Please tell me there are other options.

    Help, I don't want to distroy this beautiful tree.
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    What about re-routing the path? Is that possible? If being irritated by the fallen tepals means more to you than the fragrance and beauty of the fresh flowers then the solution would be to remove the tree. Many people here do seem to find tidiness more of a priority than the beauty provided by flowering trees and cut them down.

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